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PhD (dr hab.) Grzegorz Polak

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Research interests:

Philosophical ideas of early Buddhism. 

Comparative study of early Buddhism and Western philosophy and cognitive science

Early Buddhism, Pāli Buddhism and jhāna meditation in particular.

Chinese Chan Buddhism



Scientific Activity



Can cessation be a cognitive state? Philosophical implications of the apophatic teachings of the early Buddhist Nikāyas, Philosophy East and West 73(3):740-761, DOI: 10.1353/pew.2023.a903371, Open Access article

Who identifies with the aggregates? Philosophical implications of the selected khandha passages in the Nikāyas, Journal of Indian Philosophy, Open Access article

Language, Conscious Experience and the Self in Early Buddhism: A Cross-cultural Interdisciplinary StudyJournal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, vol 14, 2018 (5):pp. 37-76.JOCBS_vol14_Polak_Language, Conscious Experience and the Self in Early Buddhism.pdf

How Was Liberating Insight Related to the Development of the Four Jhānas in Early Buddhism? A New Perspective through an Interdisciplinary Approach, Journal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, vol 10, 2016 (5): 85-112:

Reexamining Jhāna: Towards a Critical Reconstruction of Early Buddhist Soteriology, Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin 2011.



Cognition, Language, Self-Consciousness and Its Cessation in Early Buddhism: A New Perspective Through Textual Analysis and Interdisciplinary Approach, Chenghchi Buddhist Philosophy Forum, National Chengchi University, Taipei Oct 30, 2017.,86031

Theravāda Buddhism, Muzeum Sztuki i Techniki Japońskiej „Manggha”, Kraków, Poland May 16, 2018

A critical introduction to selected meditative and philosophical ideas of Early Buddhism. An investigation of the links and similarities between Chan and Early Buddhism (針對早期佛教某些禪修與哲學思想之批評性介紹--禪宗與早期佛教之間的關係與相似性之比較分析), Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (法鼓文理學院), Taiwan, June 06 2017.06.06, 

The practices of the Buddha before his awakening - asceticism or yoga? (佛陀覺悟之前的修行-苦行或者瑜伽行?) Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (法鼓文理學院), Taiwan, June 08 2017.



01.03.2019 - 30.06.2019 National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taipei, Sheng Yen Foundation Grant for Visiting Scholars from Abroad 

03.01.2017-31.01.2018 Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA)



What Does It Mean to Regard the Aggregates as Self? Rethinking the Philosophical
Implications of the Selected Khandha Passages in the Nikāyas, IABS 2022 Seoul, XIXth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, August 15 to August 19, 2022
Seoul National University, Korea

Language, Conscious Experience and Self in Early Buddhism. A New Perspective Through Cross-Cultural Comparative ApproachSociety for Asian and Comparative Philosophy50th Annual Conference:Power and Creativity, Cracow, June 8-11, 2018 .

Early Buddhism and Chan: A Comparative Study of Selected Meditative Concepts,  From the Caoxi Creek to Mogao Cave: Interdisciplinary Studies of Chan Buddhism and the Dunhuang Cache from Multiple Sources and Perspectives, DILA, Taiwan January 13-15, 2018.

Can the 'end of the world' be reached by means of jhāna? A reexamination of the role and place of saññā in early Buddhist jhāna meditation
IABS 2017, Toronto, Canada 19-26.08.2017

Was Insight an Intrinsic Quality of the Meditative State of jhāna in Early Buddhism?IABS 2014 VIENNA, 17th Congress of The International Association of Buddhist Studies, Austria, Vienna, 18-23.08.2014

The bodhisatta’s practice of breath retention: self-mortification or an advanced meditative technique? IAHR 2015 ERFURT, 21st World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions., Niemcy, Erfurt, 23-29.08.2015

The issue of problematic origins of modern meditative traditions of Theravada Buddhism - a challenge or a chance? The International Academic Conference "Monk Wears Prada? The Doctrinal and Moral Controversies in and about Buddhism"  Polska, Kraków, 11-13.12.2015



Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland (for the book Reexamining Jhāna: Towards a Critical Reconstruction of Early Buddhist Soteriology)






Full-semester lectures in English for ERASMUS students:

The concepts of meditation, self-development, identity and sexuality in eastern religions

Indian meditation and mysticism

An introduction to philosophy of religion

Contemporary issues in philosophy of religion