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dr Agnieszka Ostasz

Telephone number
81 537 57 58
E-mail address
"Mała Chemia" room 31, Wednesday: 11.00-12.30

Personal information


Researcher ID: G-4743-2013




Scientific Activity


  • Synthesis, structural and physicochemical characteristics of d-electron metal complexes with N, O, and S-donor ligands in the solid state
  • Design, synthesis and structural and physicochemical characteristics of  supramolecular complexes (co-crystals, salts) active pharmaceutical ingredients (API-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), with special equipment for chemotherapy drugs with diaminopyrimidine structural moiety
  • One-, two- and three-dimensional coordination polymers based on polycarboxylic, xylenethioacetic, xylenesulfonyl acetic, transition metal and lanthanide ions (III)
  • MOF type metal-organic networks - structural synthesis and physicochemical characteristics
  • Thermal analysis of organic materials (co-crystals, salts, etc.) and inorganic materials min. analysis of changes occurring during heating, analysis of gaseous products covering various types of chemical substances and materials covered ATR-FTIR analysis of associated organic and organometallic compounds


Selected paper:

1. A. Ostasz, R. Łyszczek, L. Mazur, J. Sienkiewicz-Gromiuk, I. Rusinek, Z. Rzączyńska,
 Some Properties of Nd and Er complexes with 1,2,3,4,5,6-benzenehexacarboxylic (mellitic) acid,  Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 99 203-210 (2013)
2. D. F. Parra, P. L. Forster,R. Łyszczek, A.Ostasz, A. B. Lugao, Z. Rzączyńska
Thermal behavior of HIGH RED luminescent Poly(3-h                              ydroxybutyrate): Eu(tta)3(H2O), J THERM ANAL CALORIM  114 1046- 1056, (2013)
3. A. Ostasz, R. Łyszczek, L. Mazur, B. Tarasiuk Co-rystal formation between 2-amino-4,6-dimethylpyrimidine and new p-xylylene-bis(thioacetic) acid. CrystEngComm, 2014, 16, 10262–10272
4. R. Łyszczek, A. Ostasz , A. Bartyzel, A. Lipke, Thermal, spectroscopic and luminescence investigation of  lanthanide (III) coordination polymers based on the V-shaped 4,4’-sulfonyldibenzoic acid,  J. Anal. Appl. Pyrol., 115 (2015) 370–378
5. R. Łyszczek, L. Mazur, A. Ostasz, A. Bartyzel, H. Głuchowska; Lanthanide metal–organic frameworks: Structural, thermal and sorption properties;  ADSORPTION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2017, 35, 677-683;
6. Łyszczek, R., Podkościelna, B., Lipke, A., Ostasz, A., Puszka, A.; Synthesis and thermal characterization of luminescent hybrid composites based on bisphenol A diacrylate and NVP; Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 2019, 138, 4463-4473;
7. Ostasz, A; Kirillov ,
A, Bringing a New Flexible Mercaptoacetic Acid Linker to the Design of Coordination; Polymers  2020, 12(6), 1329;

 8. Łyszczek, R.; Rusinek, I.;Ostasz, A.; Sienkiewicz-Gromiuk, J.; Vlasyuk, D.; Groszek, M.; Lipke, A.; Pavlyuk, O; New Coordination Polymers of Selected Lanthanides with 1,2-Phenylenediacetate Linker: Structures, Thermal and Luminescence Properties.; Materials 2021, 14, 4871.