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PhD Jakub Olchowski

PhD Jakub Olchowski
Assistant Professor, International Security Dept.
E-mail address
Office hours during the summer semester (Feb. 27 - Jun. 23):

Tuesday: 13.00-14.30
Thursday: 13.00-14.30

During the office hours I am available in room No. A.502.

It may happen that due to other duties office hours on a given day may be cancelled - the relevant information will be published here in reasonable advance.


ul. Głęboka 45
20-612 Lublin

Personal information

In 1999 graduated from UMCS Faculty of Political Science (MA in International Relations)

In 2008 PhD in Humanities - discipline Political Science



International Organisations

International Law and Organizations

Theory of International Security

Contemporary Threats to International Security

Regional Security Institutions

Cultural Dimension of International Communication

Ethnic Problems in Eastern Europe

Culture and Society in East and Central Europe

Workshops: analyzing IR - how to write an expertise and analysis


Scientific Activity

Fields of interest:

International Security

Transnational Processes

"Information Warfare"

International Relations in East Central Europe

Culture in Paradigms of International Relations

Scientific cooperation: numerous scientific and analytical institutions in Poland and abroad (esp. Ukraine and Lithuania); editor of East Europe section of 'IEŚW Yearbook'

Conferences: participated in more than 100 domestic and international conferences; also organized many events (incl. Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress, Cross-Border Cooperation Congress, Lublin Central Europe Forum)

Recent publications:

J. Olchowski, Relacje Ukrainy z NATO - trudne partnerstwo, Lublin 2021.

J. Olchowski, Trójkąt Lubelski – perspektywy współpracy, [w:] Dziedzictwo Józefa Piłsudskiego i Symona Petlury. Przeszłość, teraźniejszość i przyszłość partnerstwa Polski i Ukrainy, red. W. Baluk, J. Makar, M. Doroszko, Lublin 2021.

Co-author of Raport. Stan i perspektywy partnerstwa strategicznego Polski i Ukrainy. Punkt widzenia Polski i Ukrainy, Międzynarodowy Zespół Badań Stosunków Polski i Ukrainy, Lublin-Kijów 2021.

J. Olchowski, North Atlantic Treaty Organization towards the war in Syria 2011-2015, “Rocznik Instytutu Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej” 2021, nr 19, z. 4.

Я. Ольховски, 30 лет эволюции безопасности после холодной войны - Украина все дальше от России, 30 лет после распада СССП: старые проблемы, новые вызовы, ред. Т. Стемпневски, А. Шабацюк, Люблин 2021.

J. Olchowski, How to Weaponize Information: Russian Patterns, [w:] Disinformation, Narratives and Memory Politics in Russia and Belarus, ed. A. Legucka, R. Kupiecki, Routledge 2022.

J. Olchowski (ed.), The Polish-Ukrainian Military Cooperation, Lublin 2022.

J. Olchowski, Strategia bezpieczeństwa Ukrainy, [w:] „Prace IEŚ” 2022, nr 6, Strategie bezpieczeństwa i obrony państw Europy Środkowej: Bułgaria, Rumunia, Serbia, Ukraina, red. B. Surmacz.



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