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Ph.D. Michał Łuszczuk

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81 537-68-99
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Consultations (office hours) this semester take place:

on Tuesdays from 9.30-10.45 on BigBlueButton on the Virtual Campus (please send me an email to schedule the meeting)

on Wednesdays from 12.00-12.45 in room 118B:
Address: Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management,
Al. Kraśnicka 2D, Lublin, room 118 B


Al. Kraśnicka 2D, pok. 118 B
20-718 Lublin

Personal information

Research Projects:

Sustainable Urban Development in the European Arctic (SUDEA): Towards Enhanced Transnational Cooperation in Remote Regions - leader of the Polish Team

See short video: link

Science Diplomacy in Northern Europe (SciDiNE) - leader of the team.

Positions & Functions:

Co-editor-in-Chief of Polish Polar Research 

Delegate of Poland - Member of the IASC Council since 04.2017 until 2.03.2022 (resignation due to lack of official IASC position towards Russia's aggression on Ukraine)

Member of the IASSA Council (2017-2021)

Fulbright Fellow (Senior Research Advanced Award) 2015-2016

Member of the Committee on Polar Research, Polish Academy of Sciences since 2011
in term 2015-2018, elected as Committee's Scientific Secretary
in term 2019-2022, elected as a Deputy Chair (until 2.03.2022 -resignation due to lack of official position of Presidium of Committee towards Russia's aggression on Ukraine)

Member of Polish Polar Task Force in the MFA of Poland since 2010

Delegate of the CPR, PAS in Social & Human Sciences Working Group
International Arctic Science Committee

Advisor of Poland' delegation for the White House Arctic Science Ministerial
(Washington D.C. 18.09.2016) and for the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial (Berlin 25-26.10.2018)

Polish expert in The Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic (2012-2014)

Alternate delegate of the Maria Curie Sklodowska University
in the Council of the Polish Polar Consortium since 2015

Reviewer for:
Research Council of Norway - 2018
European Commission (H2020) - 2019
NAWA - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022
NCN - 2020

NSC (NCN) Post-doc (FUGA-1) European Northern Countries Department JKU (2012-2015)


Memeber of:







Research interests:

- Geopolitics of polar regions,
- Socio-economic adaptation to climate change in the Arctic
- Polish polar policy and history of Polish polar research
- Science diplomacy

Scientific Activity

Selected publications are available on my profile on

Recent publications:

Michał Łuszczuk, Monika Szkarłat, The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) in the Changing Arctic. Between International Scientific Cooperation and Science Diplomacy, in: Non-state Actors in the Arctic Region, eds: Nikolas Sellheim, Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Springer 2022, p. 15-41. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-12459-4_2 

Dorothea Wehrmann, Michał Łuszczuk, Katarzyna Radzik-Maruszak, Arne Riedel, Jacqueline Götze, Transnational Cities Alliances and Their Role in Policy-Making in Sustainable Urban Development in the European Arctic, in: Non-state Actors in the Arctic Region, eds: Nikolas Sellheim, Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Springer 2022, p. 113-131. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-12459-4_6

Michał Łuszczuk, Jacqueline Götze, Katarzyna Radzik-Maruszak, Arne Riedel, Dorothea Wehrmann, Governability of Regional Challenges: The Arctic Development Paradox, Politics and Governance, Vol 10, No 3 (2022): Constructing Ocean and Polar Governance, p. 29-40; DOI: LINK

H. Dumała, M. Łuszczuk, J. Piwowarczyk, T. Zieliński, Transnational Municipal Networks as a Mechanism for Marine Governance Toward Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Between Potential and Practice. Frontiers in Marine Science, 04 June 2021 |

Monika Szkarłat, Michał Łuszczuk, Pierre-Bruno Ruffini, Katarzyna Pisarska, Katarzyna Marzęda-Młynarska, Kazimierz Musiał, Anna Umińska-Woroniecka, Grzegorz Mazur, Dyplomacja naukowa. Koncepcja - praktyka, [Science diplomacy. Concept and practicies] Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin 2020, ss. 320, ISBN 978-83-227-9465-4

Michał Łuszczuk, Barbora Padrtova, Wojciech Szczerbowicz, Political dimension of Arctic research, "Oceanology" 2019,


Michał Łuszczuk, Changing Foreign Policy Roles in the Changing Arctic [w:] Global Challenges in Arctic Region. Sovereignty, environment and geopolitical balance, Elena Conde, Sara Iglesias Sanchez (red.), Routledge, London - New York 2017. ISBN 9781472463258


Michał Łuszczuk, Ewolucja ról międzynarodowych w Arktyce,
Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin 2015. ISBN 978-83-7784-713-8


M. Łuszczuk, D. Justus, J. Thomas, C. Klok, F. Gerber
Arctic Offshore Hydrocarbons and the European Union: More Constraints and Less Opportunities [w:] The changing Arctic and the European Union.
A. Stępień, T. Koivurova, P. Kankaanpää (red.), Brill / Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden, 2015, p. 137-162. ISBN: 9789004303171

Michał Łuszczuk, Piotr Graczyk, Adam Stępień, Małgorzata Śmieszek,
Cele i narzędzie polskiej polityki arktycznej,
Departament Polityki Europejskiej Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych RP, Warszawa 2015. ISBN 978-83-63743-14-7
Avaialble on-line: clik on picture

Michał Łuszczuk, Evolution of Poland’s approach towards the Arctic: from international scientific cooperation to science diplomacy [w:] Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic, Leif Jensen, Geir Hønneland (eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing 2015, p. 573–586,  DOI 10.4337/9780857934741.00040          

Michał Łuszczuk, Military Cooperation and Enhanced Arctic Security in the Context of Climate Change and Growing Global Interest in the Arctic [w:] Future Security of the Global Arctic. State Policy, Economic Security and Climate, Lassi Heininen (ed), Palgrave 2015, ISBN 9781137468246


Arktyka na początku XXI wieku. Między współpracą rywalizacją,
M. Łuszczuk (ed.) Wydawnictwo UMCS, (26 chapters.), Lublin 2013.

Review in Polar Record



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