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Lidia Kniaź-Hunek

mgr Lidia Kniaź-Hunek
Research-and-teaching assistant
Telephone number
81 537 26 40
E-mail address
winter semester 2020/21

Mondays: 12:10 - 12:55
Tuesdays: 11:30 - 1:00

MS Teams (jtqnag0)


Nowa Humanistyka UMCS Plac Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 4A
20-031 Lublin

Personal information


Academic interests:


- American popculture (music)

- Afrofuturism and speculative media

- Black Studies, Africana Studies

- audiovisual media.


Scientific Activity


2016 – Doctoral Studies in Literature and Linguistics at Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin; dissertation title: “Afrofuturism in Contemporary American Music Video: Themes, Aesthetics, Politics” [PL: Afrofuturyzm we współczesnym wideoklipie amerykańskim – tematyka, estetyki, polityka].

2014-2016 – MA studies at MCSU, Project title: „Sound Design as Narrative Device in Contemporary American Film” [PL: Reżyseria dźwięku jako narzędzie narracyjne we współczesnym filmie amerykańskim].

2011-2014 – BA studies at MCSU, Project title: “Interchangeability of Ghetto Spaces in American Hip-Hop Music” [PL: Zamienność przestrzeni miejskiego “getta” w amerykańskim hip-hopie].

Membership in academic organizations:

2019 – Black Science Fiction Society

2018 – European Network for Cinema and Media Studies

2018 – European Association for American Studies (EAAS)

2018 – Polish Association for American Studies (PAAS)

Selected grants and scholarships:

2018 – EAAS Transatlantic Travel Grant for Graduate Students, University of California, Riverside, USA.

2018 – Conference Travel Grant; Fantastic Ninth annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung na Universytecie we Fryburgu, Szwajcaria.

2016 – winner of the 2nd Prize in Poland’s contest for the Best MA Thesis in American Studies.

Selected publications:

  1.  “Capturing the Future Back in Africa: Afrofuturist Media Ephemera.” Extrapolation. Special Issue. “Beyond Afrofuturism” ed. Isiah Lavender III, Lisa Yaszek. No. 61.  Liverpool University Press, UK. 2020. ISSN: 0014-5483. 
  2. “Bleak Futures in Two East African Films.” Vector. British Science Fiction Association’s Magazine. Special Issue: “African and Afrodiasporic SF,” ed. Polina Levontin and Michelle Clarke, #289 (August 2019). ISNN: 0505-0448 Great Britain.
  3. “Nancy Schreiber.” Hollywood Heroines: The Most Influential Women in Film History. ed. Laura Bauer. ABC-CLIO Press. Santa Barbara, CA, USA. December 2018.
  4. “Live 2.0 – wykorzystanie rzeczywistości wirtualnej w muzyce „na żywo”.” [in Polish] MUTE 2: Live. Muzyka / Uniwersytet / Technologia / Emocje. AT Wydawnictwo. Kraków. September 2018.
  5. “Revisiting the Aesthetics of Protest: Socially Conscious Music Videos.” In Media Res. Contemporary Music Video. MediaCommons: A Digital Scholarly Network . Media Commons Press. USA. May 2018.
  6. “A Glitch in the Matrix: A Reflection on Shabazz Palaces’ ‘Welcome to Quazarz’ or a New Wave of Afrofuturist Music Videos.” MOSF Journal of Science Fiction, Special Issue titled: “Afrofuturism” Vol. 2, #2, (January 2018), p. 8-9. ISSN 2474-0837. ed.: Heather McHale. Alexandria, VA, USA. January 2018.
  7. “‘Kaboom! Guess That Must Spell Doom!’: Dystopia and the Post-Apocalypse in Hip-Hop Music Videos.” Vector. British Science Fiction Association’s Magazine. Special Issue titled: “The Music Issue,” ed. Anna McFarlane and Glyn Morgan, #286 (summer 2017). Wielka Brytania.
  8. “My City, My ‘Hood, My Street: Ghetto Spaces in American Hip-hop Music.” New Horizons in English Studies. #2 (2017), p. 114-126. Wydawnictwo UMCS.
  9. “Creative Use of Sound in the Cinematic Adaptation of The Great Gatsby (2013).” New Horizons in English Studies. #1 (2016). e-ISSN: 2543-8980, p. 79-86. Wydawnictwo UMCS.
  10. “#BlackLivesDontMatter – postapokalipsa i polityka w teledysku Señorita Vince’a Staplesa’” [in Polish] Annales UMCS, Sectio FF Philologiae, Vol 34, #2 (2016), ISSN: 0239-426X, p. 91-100. Wydawnictwo UMCS.


  1. Fulbright Mentor Program for English Teaching Assistants 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.
  2. Organizer of Ask an American series.