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Scientific award "Marie Curie"

The Marie Curie Scientific Prize is awarded for the individual or team achievements and scientific discoveries of the last year of particular importance for a given discipline, which in particular include:

  • original published scientific papers (or a series of papers), essential for the further development of a given discipline (or outstanding in a given discipline);
  • scientific monographs;
  • patents (inventions, technological solutions, etc.);
  • new research methods.

The experts assessing the submissions take into account the following criteria:

  • the scientific value and originality of the work or achievement;
  • the importance of work for the development of the discipline (and/or the development of the country, region, university, civilization and economic development, etc.);
  • the expected utility of the achievement in various spheres of study or practice.

The winners of the Awards may be employees of UMCS or other universities in Poland.