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The Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin is the largest public university in Poland on the eastern side of the Vistula River. We are an institution deeply rooted in the region, where since 1944, we have been acting as a cultural and opinion-forming factor, and we have made a significant contribution to building a knowledge-based economy. Nearly 260 thousand Graduates have completed our Alma Mater.

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About 18,000 students study at UMCS, including 1,800 foreigners (i.e. 10% of all people studying at the University) representing nearly 45 countries worldwide. For comparison, in 2010/2011, only about 200 foreigners from abroad studied at our University.

The scientific and research potential of UMCS is growing. We have modern laboratories, and we also invest in infrastructure and modernization of existing facilities. There is, among others, a modern Institute of Informatics at the University, the Centre for Functional Nanomaterials at the Faculty of Chemistry and the Media and Art Incubator. Together with four research and scientific units, we established the Analytical and Program Centre for Advanced Environmentally Friendly Technologies ECOTECH-COMPLEX, equipped with innovative laboratories and high-quality equipment, including high-field magnetic resonance.

UMCS also maintains active contacts with foreign research centres. A significant event in 2017 was the establishment of the Polish-Chinese Research Centre Green Pharmaceuticals (green pharmacy). It is the first Polish-Chinese research institution of this type. We also cooperate with many institutions, local government authorities and entrepreneurs as well as foreign partners from the European Union countries, as well as Ukraine and China.

In 2017, UMCS received the HR Excellence in Research Logo awarded by the European Commission. It confirms that we create the best working conditions for scientists and provide transparent recruitment rules and an appropriate space for the development of science, in line with European standards.

In February 2020, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University was awarded the prestigious title of the Ambassador of the Lublin Province. The honorary chapter decided to award the university with an award in the "Institution" category while appreciating the enormous, long-term contribution to the multifaceted development of the region. This award is granted to outstanding organizations and institutions for the special promotion of the Lublin region in the country and abroad. UMCS has built a solid scientific, didactic, organizational and social capital, creating a comprehensive university that promotes the region thanks to the development of research and high-level education and a modern approach to culture and popularization of sport.

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, among other universities not only in the region but also in Poland, is distinguished by a unique student campus located in the city centre, consisting of didactic buildings, clubs, sports and cultural facilities. We can boast of 9 dormitories, which offer over 2,500 high-standard places adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

In September 2020, there was a ceremonial opening of modern teaching facilities of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism and the Institute of Psychology at the West Campus, the name of the Union of Lublin. The investment at Głęboka Street included the construction of three functionally connected facilities. The Faculty of Political Science and Journalism building is on the west side, and the Institute of Psychology is on the east wing. The so-called connector has common areas, such as a library, cloakroom, bar and technical rooms. Thanks to the investment, students have the opportunity to take advantage of exceptionally comfortable conditions of education. Both facilities - in addition to modern lecture halls, lecture halls and seminar rooms - also have specialist rooms, strengthening the practical aspect of didactic classes. There are also buildings with attractive, modern architecture and interior design.

Our Alma Mater has also been a vibrant place for the Children's University since 2012, with branches in Nałęczów, Puławy, Bełżyce, Końskowola, Tarnogród and Kazimierz Dolny, with its seat in Dąbrówka. The number of small students is approx. 3.5 thousand. We also patronize the Third Age Universities in Lublin, Puławy and Biecza.

Student cultural life focuses on the Academic Centre for Culture and Media Chatka Żaka UMCS. The modernization, renovation and equipment works, which lasted almost two years, were completed in September 2020. The modernized part "A" of Chatka Żaka is the famous auditorium, while the renovated part "B" is in the back of the hall. After the renovation, the auditorium resembles its original appearance (immortalized on a postcard with the famous photograph by Zbigniew Siemaszko from 1967), provides seats for 372 people and uses the necessary solutions in the field of stage technology. The building has retained all the characteristic elements of the modernist finish, including mosaic in the hall or spiral staircase. ACKiM Chatka Żaka is a place created for students, and thanks to them, it is vibrant with life. Various artistic groups and innovative university media of an informative and educational nature function there: Academic Radio Centre (org. Akademickie Radio Centrum) and University Television (org. Telewizja Akademicka TV UMCS). Every year, well-known in the country and abroad, artistic events are held there. ACKiM Chatka Żaka is also a space conducive to learning together and spending time with friends.

Another such place is undoubtedly the building of the cult academic canteen "Trójka", located between the dormitories of UMCS. The place refers to the famous canteen No. 3, which served students from the 1970s. University graduates have fondly remembered this characteristic, thanks to its architecture and building. When reactivating the academic canteen in October 2019, the university authorities listened to the voices of students who spoke about the need to restore such a place on campus. The facility has undergone extensive renovation both inside and outside. It is an entirely new space where students, PhD students, university employees, and Lublin residents can eat healthy and tasty meals. In addition to the gastronomic part, the new space also has a special coworking zone for students to study freely, work individually or together, and relax.

Students can also use the Physical Culture Centre with a swimming pool of international standards. Students can participate in classes in over 30 sports sections conducted by the AZS UMCS University Club. In addition, there are eight advanced sections at AZS UMCS, and the Club has over 1,300 members. For many years, basketball players Pszczółka Polski Cukier AZS UMCS Lublin have been successfully playing in the women's basketball league in Poland - Energa Basket Women's League. In addition, AZS UMCS Lublin has been at the forefront of the best teams in such disciplines as athletics and swimming for many years. Club players are, among others, Malwina Kopron - bronze medalist of the World Championships and the 32nd Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in the hammer throw, as well as gold medalist of the Taipei Universiade, Paulina Guba - European Champion in the shot put, Sofia Ennaoui - finalist of the 2016 Olympics and silver medalist of the 2018 European Championships year on the distance of 1500 m, Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik - European Champion in the 4x400m relay, winner of the gold medal in the mixed relay and silver medal in the 4x400 women's relay during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, as well as Konrad Czerniak and Jan Świtkowski - bronze medalists of the European Swimming Championships. Recently, the Club also has an e-sport section, which is very popular and is a response to the growing interest in virtual sports today.