Winter semester course evaluation survey

Dear students,

The next edition of the Class Evaluation Survey is currently open. From 26 January to 26 February, you can evaluate the quality of the teaching classes offered by UMCS in the winter semester 2022/23. The survey has been made available to you via the USOSweb portal and the USOS UMCS mobile app (information on how to download the app is available here).

To rate your classes you should:

  •     log in to your account on;
  •     click on the banner informing about the ongoing survey or;
  •     go to the tab: FOR STUDENTS;
  •     click on the link: SURVEY;
  •     select the course you wish to evaluate and leave your feedback.

The survey consists of 11 questions, completed separately for each course taught in a semester. It includes questions about your opinion of the classes and how they are being taught. In the space below, there is room for comments or any remarks on the strengths and weaknesses of the classes you are evaluating or the way they are run.

The Class Evaluation Survey acts as feedback - its results will be available to University Authorities, Departments and individual academic staff. As a result, each opinion will be used to verify the quality of the classes taught, the study programmes and the usefulness of the knowledge gained in the subject. All your responses will remain anonymous.

A visualisation of the number of completed questionnaires, prepared by the Centre for Analysis and Development, is available at The data is presented by Faculty and updates automatically every 6h.

It takes only a few minutes to complete one questionnaire and you can do it anywhere and at any time. At the same time, we would like to remind you that taking part in the survey is one of your obligations as a student under the Academic Regulations.

Thanks to your feedback, our University can continuously change for the better, and the best-rated academic staff have the chance to receive the Homo Didacticus diploma.

If there are any errors in the teaching offer (the possibility of evaluating classes you did not attend or the lack of access to the evaluation survey for classes you did attend), please report them to the Dean's Office. If you have any other problems with the survey, please contact the Educational Quality Analysis Office of the Centre for Learning and Student Services.

Source: UMCS

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