al. Kraśnicka 2a, 2b
20-718 Lublin
tel. 81 537 69 50

The Faculty of Arts, established in 1997, comprises the Institute of Music and the Institute of Fine Arts, which consist of 23 departments and laboratory/workshops.

The Institute of Music conducts research on music education, old and contemporary musical culture, art therapy in education (work is underway to create an international information platform promoting the development of therapy through art), and on documenting the musical folklore of the Lublin region. The Institute of Fine Arts focuses on the use of artistic techniques in education and visual advertising, on combining the techniques of classical fine arts with the latest technologies, and on scientific analysis of modern art. It also conducts research covering art theory and history, new technologies in painting, graphic art, sculpture and designing, and ecological tendencies in fine arts activities as well as art education of society.

The Faculty of Arts cooperates with different cultural institutions and is distinctly present on Lublin’s cultural map. The teachers and students actively participate in the cultural life of the city and are active and successful in different areas of art both at home and abroad.

In the Faculty’s academic staff there are many professional musicians: composers, instrumentalists, singers, and choir and symphony orchestra conductors. Their artistic activities and achievements are easily seen in the Lublin Philharmonic, Musical Theatre, at festivals and concerts all over Poland. The academics actively participate in all kinds of musical events and projects as art managers, artistic and organizational directors of festivals, competitions and concerts.

The Institute of Fine Arts has attracted many eminent artists and teachers. Especially noteworthy among them is the Lublin School of Graphic Arts - a group of internationally recognized graphic artists. The Institute is engaged in artistic exchange with prestigious fine arts schools, cultural institutions and artistic associations all over the world by organizing collective and individual exhibitions. A significant contribution to promoting Polish art in the world is exhibitions abroad showing the works of the Institute’s academics (inter alia in the US, China and Australia). The Faculty has great expectations of newly established contacts concerning the exchange of exhibitions, teaching staff and students from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (China) and from the Chiang Mai University Art Center (Thailand).

A number of educational projects are being conducted at the Faculty. The project “Innovative Forms of Pedagogical and Art education at the UMCS Faculty of Arts” is primarily intended to enable students to gain qualifications in new information technology, thus enhancing their opportunities to find attractive employment related to their qualifications and to use modern tools more effectively in finding their creative way. The project titled “Professionalism in Education. Preparation and Realization of the New Teacher Training Programme at the UMCS Faculty of Arts” offers free training courses for teachers of art subjects, teacher training apprenticeships for students, museum lessons, workshops, and summer holiday plein-air workshops for school and university students.

The Faculty’s teachers and students are also involved in carrying out many art projects. These include The National Programme for the Development of School Choirs ‘The Singing Poland’, owing to which over 30 school choirs were established in the Lublin region, which are largely conducted by our graduates; the Zajezdnia (Depot) Gallery, presenting unique exhibitions of paintings, graphic arts and sculptures by Polish artists and the artistic life of the Faculty, also functions as the multimedia room: Kino Zajezdnia (Depot Cinema); and the Art Festival “Dni Gliny i Ognia (Days of Clay and Fire)” comprising lectures and shows of various ceramics-firing technique.

Since 2013 the Faculty has organized the International Student Poster Biennale – a regular event presenting the contemporary achievements of young artists in the field of posters. The first edition was followed by the post-competition exhibition showing about 200 posters by 128 authors from Europe, Asia, and North and South Americas.

In order to strengthen ties with the local communities the Faculty offers workshops, meetings, outdoor painting, graphic-art, sculpture, photography, film and intermedia workshops for different social and age groups. The UMCS Faculty of Arts actively responds to modern-day challenges by constantly broadening their artistic and promotional activities.