Publication in high impact journal - Sci.of Total Environment

It is with great pleasure to inform about a new co-authorship article of our Institute's staff member Dr. hab. Jarosław Dawidek, Prof. UMCS and Dr. Krzysztof Raczyński (Department of Hydrology and Climatology UMCS) published in the latest volume of the journal Science of The Total Environment:

Beata Ferencz, Jarosław Dawidek, Magdalena Toporowska, Krzysztof Raczyński, 2020. Environmental implications of potamophases duration and concentration period in the floodplain lakes of the Bug River valley. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 746,

According to the current List of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSzW) Magazines, the article published in the Science of The Total Environment is 200 points.

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