Publication in high impact journal - Quaternary Int.

We would like to recommend to read the latest article co-authored by the staff of our Institute, Prof. dr hab.Maria Łanczont, dr hab. Przemysław Mroczek and M.Sc. Karol Standzikowski, PhD, published on-line at Quaternary International:

Maria Łanczont, Marta Połtowicz-Bobak, Dariusz Bobak, Przemysław Mroczek, Adam Nowak, Maryna Komar, Karol Standzikowski, 2020. On the edge of eastern and western culture zones in the early Late Pleistocene. Święte 9 – A new epigravettian site in the south-east of Poland. Quaternary International,

This article is one of the results of the cooperation of our above mentioned scientists with archaeologists from the Rzeszow center (dr hab. M. Poltwoicz-Bobak, prof. UR and M.Sc. D. Bobak) and the palaeobotanist from Kiev (prof. dr hab. M. Komar).

According to the current List of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Magazines, the article published in Quaternary International is 100 points.

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