New research instruments (NCN grant)

We kindly inform you that the equipment base of our Institute has been extended by a newly purchased device for demagnetizing rock samples with LDA5 variable magnetic field from Agico.

This equipment is one of the investments planned to be realized within the framework of the grant "Global, regional and local paleoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental factors in Ukrainian loess-soil sequences along the Dnipro valley - from proximal areas to distal periglacial zone" financed within the framework of the NCN OPUS 16 competition. The project manager is Prof. Maria Łanczont (Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography UMCS).

The persons involved in the research works using this equipment are Prof. Jerzy Nawrocki and M.Sc. Karol Standzikowski.

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    Date of addition
    28 September 2020