Useful information for students

Dorms recommendation


  • Don't touch your face without washing hands
  • Don't cough without covering your nose and mouth
  • Don't put your personal items in the kitchen or common area for a long time without cleaning
  • Don't be afraid to seek help when you are in need


  • Wash hands immediately when come back dorms
  • Close the toilet lid when flushing
  • Keep clean of your dorm room and personal hygiene
  • Open windows from time to time to keep good ventilation
  • Put on face masks when you experienced symptoms
  • Keep clean of common area and kitchen after using
  • Avoid using evelator
  • Keep a distance when talking to others (>1m)

What you can do when experiencing symptoms in Dorms

If symptoms are similar to COVID-19, wear face mask, avoid social contact with others.

Seek help

You can call polish hotline: +48800190590 to ask about (press 6 for english)


Report it to voivodship sanitary and epidemiological station:



You can contact:

Hospitals where you can seek help


Staszica 16
Infectious Diseases Ward

SPS for Voivodship im. Jana Bożego:

Mieczysława Biernackiego 9
Children's Infectious Diseases Ward


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    13 March 2020

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