Invitation to the premiere of the film "Wall unit", dir. Joanna Polak

The film "Wall unit" is another puppet animation by Joanna Polak. After the success of "Wełniaki" (2018), the author decided to radically change the soft, felt, full of colors of the surreal world, in favor of a hyper-realistic gray and dirty realism, a typical Eastern European block of flats. The characters, devoted with great attention to detail, tell the viewer their seemingly down-to-earth story in which tragicomism is mixed with the viewer's melancholy reverie over perhaps their own fate. This almost ten-minute-long animation should be seen by every 40-year-old experiencing a midlife crisis. The animated sarcastic story in a humorous but brutal way exposes the dissonance between our desires and habits, which most often lead a person eager for change and new experiences to the starting point.

The premiere of the film will take place online on 10th of May from 12:00 to 22:00!

The film "Wall unit" is available in many language versions! (PL_ENG_ARAB_KOR_BY_UA_RUS__BG_FR_CHN_ISL_JAP_GER_ESP_SK_IT)


Available for you to see today:

Trailer "Wall unit" Joanna Polak 2021

Timelapse "Wall unit" Joanna Polak 2021

Animation “Woolworld” Joanna Polak 2018

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