Honours of the Polish Geophysical Society

We are very pleased to announce that at the General Meeting of the Polish Geophysical Society held on February 18, 2021, Professor Bogusław M. Kaszewski received the dignity of Honorary Member of the Society. Professor has been associated with PTGeof. since 1973, during this period he was among others the President of the Lublin Branch and a member of the Society's Board and Presidium. He is a co-author of several dozen and a reviewer of several dozen scientific studies published under the auspices of the Society. He is also an initiator and organiser of several editions of the All-Polish Methodical Conference "Problems of Meteorological Elements Measurements and Studies" which is co-organised by Society. 

In addition, at the General Assembly to the Board of the Polish Geophysical Society, Dr Krzysztof Bartoszek (Department of Hydrology and Climatology MCSU) was elected for the period 2021-2024.

The Polish Geophysical Society was founded in 1947. It is a scientific association whose activities are based on the social work of its members. The aim of the Society is to influence the development of geophysical sciences and their applications as well as propagation and popularization of these sciences among the society. The Society pursues its aims by conducting research and studies in the field of geophysical sciences, especially in hydrology, oceanology, meteorology, climatology, agrometeorology, environmental protection, physics of the Earth interior and Earth space.


    Date of addition
    22 February 2021