Graduate profile

Graduates of a second-cycle master's degree in Graphic Arts have knowledge of contemporary art, are prepared to act in the area of cultural animation and art promotion. They have practical knowledge of experimental graphic techniques, digital printing, applied photography and multimedia. 

Graduates of Printmaking Speciality are able to freely use selected printmaking techniques. They are able to enrich their artistic expression by combining classical techniques with digital printing and unique techniques. They are capable of professional artistic creation in the field of graphic arts. 

Graduates of Graphic Design Speciality have advanced skills in designing posters, graphic signs, lettering, books, illustrations, editorial graphics and advertising materials. They are able to look for individual solutions to design tasks, taking into account their aesthetic and utilitarian functions. 

Graduates of a second-cycle studies in Graphic Arts obtain a Master of Arts degree and can undertake professional work as: graphic artist, professional artist prepared for independent artistic work, designer of applied graphics - in design studios, publishing houses, advertising agencies, computer graphic designer - using computer programs to create graphics and animation, creative director in various sectors, curator of exhibitions, cultural animator, organizing cultural events and events, promoter of visual arts on the art market, employed in galleries, museums, promotional institutions, mass-media.

Graduates have ability to apply for admission to postgraduate courses and third-cycle (in doctoral schools) programmes.