Exhibition "1I/ʻ Symbole, znaki, kompozycje" by Artur Tokarz | Photo reportage

On 31st of May the vernissage of works by Artur Tokarz took place at Gallery KONT.

The exhibition presented large-format paintings relating to the role of man in the universe. His condition, way of thinking, feeling and relations with the outside world are clashed with his imagination. The questions that the creators ask themselves- these are the eternal questions about human consciousness: did it arise as an "imagination" and a product of one's own mind, or maybe something completely different? Just like the first cave paintings and their symbols that are the first symptoms of the emerging dimension of perceiving reality. Or as a way of escaping from reality and describing it in a way that differs from the truth? Or maybe the desire to enchant that truth with your visions? Has modern man changed so much from these original people because of looking for God and a new dimension, not even in the context of his place on Earth, but looking far beyond its limits into the far universe, not coping with his fears in the context of his own ideas and visions. What is the truth and what is an attempt to get around this truth?

Artur Tokarz was born in Lublin. The fascination with drawing and music began in childhood. In 2012 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. He is currently a third-year student of painting at the Faculty of Arts at MCSU in Lublin. He believes that painting, just like architecture before, serves to broaden the way of expressing and perceiving reality. He also sees such a function in relation to music.

1I / ʻThe International Astronomical Union has determined that small celestial objects that make interstellar flights will be marked in a manner similar to comets. The letter “I” comes from interstellar (interstellar); A / 2017 U1 is the first object of this type to be observed with the number 1I. The proper name 'Oumuamua, chosen by the Pan-STARRS team, comes from the Hawaiian language and refers to the fact that this object is like the "first messenger" to the solar system (ʻou means "to reach" and mua means "first" or "preceding" ; repetition serves to strengthen the message)

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