Circular IV





20-23 June 2022


I. The Honorary Patronage.

We are very happy and honoured to announce that the Honorary Patronage of European Parliament, granted by its previous President, the late Mr. David Sassoli, has been renewed by its current President, Ms. Roberta Metsola. (This is the Honorary Patronage, not sponsorship).

II. Program of the conference.

- We WILL DEFINITELY HOLD THE CONFERENCE as we intend to respect those of our colleagues who decided to be in Lublin in June this year with us and who put their work into research and writing their papers. Do not be afraid to come to the conference: Poland is peaceful and safe; war refugees are being helped and the general situation is becoming better and better every day.

- We decided to cancel the Friday (24th June) morning session. Thus, as it was announced in our former circular, the conference will include

Monday (June 20th) morning: a short tour of Conrad’s footprints in Lublin, followed by the opening plenary session (including the opening keynote lecture)

Monday (June 20th) afternoon: two parallel sessions of paper presentations

Tuesday (June 21st) morning: two parallel sessions of paper presentations

Tuesday (June 21st) afternoon: a tour of Conrad’s footprints in Lublin’s environs, followed by a conference dinner in the evening

Wednesday (June 22nd) and Thursday (June 23rd): two parallel sessions of paper presentations in the morning and the evening on each day

Thursday (June 23rd) evening: the closing plenary session (including the closing keynote lecture and closing of the conference).

III.Transportation to and from Lublin:

Those of you who fly to Warsaw Chopin airport and plan to continue to Lublin by either train or bus are requested to check with the airport travel information service about possible ways to get to Lublin from there. Lublin should be reached by train from the main railway station in Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna): in the former circular we wrote that there is a shuttle train between the Chopin airport and the Modlin airport in Warsaw that goes through Warszawa Centralna, but this has to be confirmed at the airport. Information regarding transportation from Chopin airport to Warsaw city center can be found at: . Information regarding transportation from Modlin airport to Warsaw city center can be found at: There may be also good bus transportation from the Chopin airport to Lublin. Please check this on the spot and choose your best option. We do not advise getting a taxi from the Chopin airport to Warszawa Centralna railway station as this is expensive.

IV. The post-conference study tour of Conrad’s footprints in Poland (Kraków – Zakopane – Warszawa):

We are very sorry to inform you that this study tour will not be held as only 6 conference participants declared to participate in it. This is definitely much too few to organize it, and these few colleagues would have to cover all the cost of transportation on the tour (which would be a very high share for each). We are sorry to disappoint those who declared participation. Instead, we will have a tour of Conrad’s footprints in Lublin (on Monday morning) and its environs (on Tuesday afternoon).

V. Financial principles of the conference:

We are very happy to inform you that the organizing committee have obtained a grant for our conference from The Ministry of Education and Science in Poland. From this grant we will cover the general costs of the conference (of printing the conference materials, of transportation in Lublin and environs, of the conference dinner, of hiring rooms for holding sessions). Thus, our conference will be sponsored by The Ministry of Education and Science in Poland and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

VI. Communication and next circulars:

The organizing committee of the conference includes Anne Mydla, Jacek Mydla, Małgorzata Stanek and Dominka Śledziona.

In May we plan to send circular V along with electronic versions of the booklet of abstracts and the program of the conference.

At the beginning of June we plan to send circular VI with indispensable final details concerning organization of the conference.

March 2022

Anne Mydla
Conference Secretary