Beginning of the series of workshops 'Language without borders' in Lublin

Beginning of the series of workshops “Language without borders” in Lublin

On 28 September and 5 October 2021, we held workshops under the "Language without borders" slogan conducted by foreign students of UMCS for high school students in Lublin.

The first meeting was organised at the Liceum im. Królowej Jadwigi, and the second at the Liceum Śródziemnomorskie im. św. Dominika Guzmana. The meetings consisted in conducting language and cultural workshops by UMCS students from Uganda (Robert Ainebyona), Tanzania (Paula Fredrick Gwanchele) and Colombia (Andres Lopera Rico). The task is coordinated by dr Ewelina Panas – Rector’s Proxy for Internationalisation of Education.

The purpose of the meetings, which are held throughout the academic year as part of the Welcome to Poland project, is the intercultural integration of foreign students studying at our University with the community of the city and region, and the promotion of UMCS’s English-language education offer among high school students.

The meetings are held as part of the implementation of the Welcome to Poland – “UMCS 4 All” project, financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.