For ERASMUS Students

Full legal name of Institution


Head of Institution: Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Michałowski

Vice-rector for Academic Affairs: Prof. dr hab. Urszula Bobryk

Erasmus Code: PL LUBLIN01

ECHE number: 53428-EPP-1-2014-1-PL-EPPKA3-ECHE

Erasmus Mobility Office Institutional Coordinator:

Mr Ryszard Straszynski, e-mail:

Coordinator for incoming students:

Ms Magdalena Szczurek, e-mail: 

Coordinator for outgoing students:

Ms Justyna Mazur, e-mail:

Address: ul. Langiewicza 20, DS “Femina”, pok. 11, 20-035 Lublin, Poland

Telephone (incl. country and area codes): + 48 815375410, + 48 815375218

Fax (including country and area codes): + 48 815375410

Application deadlines:

15 May - for the winter semester

31 October - for the summer semester

Services available for Exchange students (Airport Reception, Orientation, etc...):

Orientation meeting; 3-4 days before each semester begins

Student mentors' assistance is offered (  

Accommodation for Exchange students:

Accommodation at UMCS is arranged in UMCS’s student residence halls by International Student Office. Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms. Accommodation is provided for the period corresponding to a student’s stay at UMCS.

Medical insurance: Exchange students are required to bring medical insurance with them