New safety rules in relation to the coronavirus

The Polish government is introducing further RESTRICTIONS IN THE CONNECTION WITH
CORONAVIRUS. Going out of the house is to be kept to an absolute minimum, such as going out for
food shopping, or visiting a pharmacy or doctor. You cannot move around the streets in groups of
more than two people. The penalty for unjustified gathering may result in a fine of up to 5 thousand
PLN. The new restrictions come into force from 25 March and will be valid until 11 April.
For more information, please visit:,17,new-safety-rules-in-relation-to-the-coronavirus,89183.chtm?fbclid=IwAR1igVsSmUzvNIdb7sJkSbzFwhnciWNAfv7Xs2d-8m45AGENaoOKLDECCh4




    Mirosław Kloc
    Data dodania
    25 marca 2020