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Dr. Marek Mędrek

Personal information

Scientific Profile in Keywords
Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Mining, E-business, Open data


Scientific Interest
My professional and research interests focus on two areas: Data Science and Computer Modelling. In the Data Science area, I am interested in the implementation of machine learning and analytical techniques in business, social and economic analysis. I have extensive experience in modelling using artificial intelligence techniques (e.g. neural networks, cellular automata) and using business process simulation techniques (BPMN). Another area of my scientific activity is e-government and open data - many years of experience in developing and implementing IT solutions in public institutions helps me in effective and efficient analysis and optimisation of processes in public institutions. I am a practitioner with a methodical approach focused on project objectives and innovative IT techniques that can be used during project delivery. Passionate about agile and lean application in project management.

Courses I Teach
Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data integration, Databases, E-business, Process Modelling (BPMN, Adonis), Software Engineering (UML), Algorithms and Complexity

Scientific Activity

 Selected Publications
1. Mędrek M., Pastuszak Z., “Numerical simulation of the novel coronavirus spreading”, DOI:, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, 2021
2. Medrek M., Tatarczak A, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND DATA ANALYSIS IN AN ADAPTIVE WEB-BASED INTEGRATED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, DOI: 10.21125/inted.2017.1395, INTED 2017, 11th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference At Valencia, Spain, 2018
3. Holko A., Mędrek M., Pastuszak Z., Kongkiti P., “Epidemiological modeling with a population density map-based cellular automata simulation system”, DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2015.08.018, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, 2016

Selected Research Projects
1. Incubator of innovation+ No. MNISW/2017/DIR/33/II+: Modelling the energy consumption patterns of telecommunication facilities using predictive methods
2. Modelling of the reverse logistics processes for plastics waste in the perspective of international experience,
3. Development of algorithms for detecting anomalies in data transmission in data communication networks, using the PSO optimization method.

Planned Research or Teaching Activities
1. Analysis of open/public data sets using artificial intelligence methods..
2. Technology enhanced teaching and learning.
3. Data mining and Business Intelligence solutions and implementation.



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