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dr hab. Anna Pawlik

dr hab. Anna Pawlik
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Didactic consultations in the winter semester 2022/2023:

Wednesday 13.30-15.00 (stationary)


ul. Akademicka 19/326B
20-033 Lublin

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Research Focus

  • metabolism of wood-degrading fungi,
  • the effect of light on fungal metabolism,
  • bacterial and fungal enzymes - isolation, characterisation, and biotechnological applications

Postgraduate Studies

2012 – “Research Project Manager”, WSEI, Lublin,

2010 – “Public Relations in scientific research”, Polish Foundation of Economic Development Support Centers OIC Poland, Lublin,

2009 – “Management of research and development projects”, WSEI, Lublin,

2007 – “Molecular Biology”, Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków.

Membership in Scientific Societies

Polish Mycological Society (PTMyk)

Polish Genetic Society, Lublin Branch

Honours and Awards

2019 - the medal of the National Education Commission (KEN) from the Minister of National Education.

2017 - “Bronze Medal for Long Service” from the President of the Republic of Poland

2012 – doctoral stipend (1.5 years) awarded under the project “Scientific Stipends for PhD Students II” implemented by the Department of Economy and Innovation, Marshal's Office of Lublin Province in Lublin.

2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2014 – team awards granted by UMCS Rector for outstanding research activity

Działalność naukowa

Research Projects

2017-2018 “Evaluation of bioremediation potential of the Sinorhizobium meliloti laccase”, National Science Centre (Poland), Miniatura 1, ID 2017/01/X/NZ9/00819 – project PI

2016-2021 “Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial potential of cellobiose dehydrogenase from fungi as a component of active packaging”, National Science Centre, Sonata 9, ID 2015/17/D/NZ9/02066 - investigator

2015-2019 “Light influence on Cerrena unicolor metabolism”, National Science Centre, Opus 8, ID 2014/15/B/NZ9/01990 - investigator

2014-2017 “Importance of Cerrena unicolor laccase in adaptation to degradation of several wood kinds in various environmental conditions”, National Science Centre, Opus 5, ID 2013/09/B/NZ9/01829 - investigator

2013-2016 “Occurrence, detection, molecular and metabolic characterization of toxigenic heat resistant fungi (Neosartorya fisheri and Byssochlamys fulva)”, National Science Centre, Sonata 4, ID 2012/07/D/NZ9/03357 - investigator

2012-2014 “The study of an innovative biopreparation for the optimisation of the organic waste methane fermentation process”, National Centre of Research and Development, Lider Programme, no. 048/L-2/10 - investigator

2012-2016 “Tailored Lipidic Mesophases as Novel Functional Nanomaterials in Bioenergetics and Biosensing”, Polish-Swiss Research Programme, PSPB - 079/2010 – investigator, assistant for the UMCS coordinator

2011 “Characterization of fungal community in organic waste and evaluation of their application in waste degradation”, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Iuventus Plus Programme, no. IP2010 009370 - investigator



2017 - P.409138 “A new Trichoderma atroviride G79/11 strain, a method of obtaining a biopreparation for methane fermentation of organic waste with this strain, and a method of methane fermentation of organic waste with the use of the biopreparation” national patent of the Republic of Poland


Recent Publications

Pawlik A., Ciołek B., Sulej J., Mazur A., Grela P., Staszczak M., Niścior M., Jaszek M., Matuszewska A., Janusz G., Paszczyński A. (2021) Cerrena unicolor laccases, genes expression and regulation of activity. Biomolecules 11(3), 468.

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Świderska-Burek U., Daub M.E., Thomas E., Jaszek M., Pawlik A., Janusz G. (2020) Phytopathogenic cercosporoid fungi—from taxonomy to modern biochemistry and molecular biology. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(22), 8555.

Pawlik A, Jaszek M, Stefaniuk D, Świderska-Burek U, Mazur A, Wielbo J, Koper P, Żebracki K, Janusz G (2020) Combined effect of light and nutrients on the micromorphology of the white rot fungus Cerrena unicolor. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(5), 1678.

Pawlik A, Jaszek M, Swatek A, Rumnowicz-Stefaniuk M, Ciołek B, Mazur A, Janusz G (2020) Lighting conditions influence the dynamics of protease synthesis and proteasomal activity in the white rot fungus Cerrena unicolor. Biomolecules 10(9), 1322.

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Janusz G., Pawlik A., Świderska-Burek U., Polak J., Sulej J., Jarosz-Wilkołazka A., Paszczyński A. (2020) Laccase properties, physiological functions, and evolution. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(3), 966.

Pawlik A., Mazur A, Wielbo J, Koper P, Żebracki K, Kubik-Komar A, Janusz G* (2019) RNA sequencing reveals differential gene expression of Cerrena unicolor in response to variable lighting conditions. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(2), 290.

Pawlik A., Ruminowicz-Stefaniuk M, Frąc M, Mazur A, Wielbo J, Janusz G (2019) The wood decay fungus Cerrena unicolor adjusts its metabolism to grow on various types of wood and light conditions. PLOS ONE 14(2), e0211744.

Sulej J., Osińska-Jaroszuk M., Jaszek M., Grąz M., Kutkowska J., Pawlik A., Chudzik A., Bancerz R. (2019) Antimicrobial and antioxidative potential of free and immobilised cellobiose dehydrogenase isolated from wood degrading fungi. Fungal Biology 123(12), 875-886.

Pawlik A., Jaszek M, Sulej J, Janusz G (2019) Light-regulated synthesis of extra- and intracellular enzymes related to wood degradation by the white rot fungus Cerrena unicolor during solid-state fermentation on ash sawdust-based medium. Acta Biochimica Polonica 66(4), 419-425.

Jaroszuk-Ściseł J., Tyśkiewicz R., Nowak A., Ozimek E., Majewska M., Hanaka A., Tyśkiewicz K., Pawlik A., Janusz G. (2019) Phytohormones (Auxin, gibberellin) and ACC deaminase in vitro synthesized by the mycoparasitic Trichoderma DEMTKZ3A0 strain and changes in the level of auxin and plant resistance markers in wheat seedlings inoculated with this strain conidia. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(19), 4923.

Janusz G., Mazur A., Wielbo J., Koper P., Żebracki K., Pawlik A., Ciołek B., Paszczyński A., Kubik-Komar A. (2018) Comparative transcriptomic analysis of Cerrena unicolor revealed differential expression of genes engaged in degradation of various kinds of wood. Microbiological Research 207, 256-268.

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Oszust K., Pawlik A., Siczek A., Janusz G., Gryta A., Bilińska-Wielgus N., Frąc M. (2017) Efficient Cellulases Production by Trichoderma atroviride G79/11 in Submerged Culture Based on Soy Flour-Cellulose-Lactose. BioResources 12(4), 8468-8489.

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