Project title:
"The legacy of Piłsudski and Petlura. Past, present and future of partnership between Poland and Ukraine."

Project description:
The geopolitical position of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine determines the development of partner relations within subregional integration initiatives in Central Europe as complementary to the EU and NATO. Historically and nowadays, Ukraine is occupying an important place in the politics of Poland and Lithuania, and the concept of the Commonwealth of Three Nations has not lost its relevance also today. Building permanent and partner relationships between nations as part of the "Lublin Triangle" initiative on the political, economic, and above all civil society levels, will constitute a new quality of mutual relations in the conditions of hybrid threats to state security. In addition, it will serve to implement the idea of the union of the Three Nations within European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Public task financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in the competition "Public Diplomacy 2021", grant agreement no.: BDG-287/2021.

Project goals:
1) Promoting of the "Lublin Triangle" initiative”.

2) Supprting the process of sub-regional integration in Central Europe, including Ukraine. 

3) Supprting dialogue and understanding between the societies of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine by presenting, among others, positive elements in bilateral and multilateral relations.

4) Counteracting a false narrative that makes it difficult to build lasting partnerships between public institutions and civic society in the area of mutual relations.

5) Promoting the Eastern Partnership as an important component of European eastern policy, which contributes to building political, social, economic and cultural ties between the European Union and the countries of the Eastern Partnership region.

6) Popularizing knowledge as part of conference and publishing activities in the field of history, politics, culture and socio-economic affairs of the "Lublin Triangle" countries.

7) Promoting the formula of the strategic partnership of the Three Nations within the framework of the "Lublin Triangle".