The focus of the bootcamp will be on regression methods and other classifiers. It assumes basic familiarity with R and simple monofactorial tests so there will only be a brief recap of those kinds of contents. The course will then discuss various aspects of regression modeling with fixed effects (linear and binary logistic regressions) and then with mixed effects (linear and binary logistic regressions). We will work with a variety of data sets covering different linguistic domains as well as add a variety of tools to regression modeling that are not yet often found in research such as a priori contrasts, curvature, and residualization, and we will spend quite some time on visualization. A final component of the bootcamp – probably the last day – will be concerned with conditional inference trees and exploratory data analysis via principal components and cluster analysis.


Date Morning session Afternoon session
3 September 2018 (Mon) 9:00–9:30 arrival/registration
9:30–12:30 class
14:00–17:00 class
19:00 welcome dinner
4 September 2018 (Tue) 9:00–12:15 class 13:45–17:00 class
5 September 2018 (Wed) 9:00–12:15 class 13:45–17:00 class
6 September 2018 (Thu) 9:00–12:15 class 13:45–17:00 class
7 September 2018 (Fri) 9:00–12:15 class 13:45–17:00 class


All classes will take place in the computer lab (Room 230) located in Building A of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Every session will include a 15-minute break.


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