Lublin is a city located in eastern Poland. It can be reached by plane, by train or by bus.

By plane

If you plan to travel by plane, we suggest taking a flight to either Lublin Airport (LUZ) or Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW).

Lublin Airport has direct connections with the following cities: Doncaster/Sheffield, Eindhoven, Kiev, Liverpool, London, Milan, Munich, Oslo and Stockholm. Current timetables can be accessed at: <>. The airport is located approximately 12 km from central Lublin. The city centre can be reached by train or by taxi in 15–20 minutes (for detailed information on how to get to the centre, see: <>). A taxi to the city costs around PLN 50 (EUR 12).

Warsaw Chopin Airport is located 180 km from Lublin, but it is serviced by all major airlines. Current timetables can be found at: <>. There are regular train and bus connections to Lublin and the journey lasts approximately 3 hours. If you choose to travel by train, you will first need to take a shuttle train to the Central Railway Station in Warsaw. For train timetables and ticket purchase, please go to: <>. If you choose to travel by bus, there is one local bus service (Contbus) operating between Warsaw Chopin Airport and Lublin several times a day (currently between 9:15 and 18:15). Their website is available only in Polish, but if you choose this option the bootcamp organisers will be happy to assist in booking a ticket. A bus or a train journey from Warsaw to Lublin costs around PLN 50–60 (EUR 12–15).

Other major airports in Poland are Kraków Airport (KRK) and Poznań Airport (POZ). Lublin can be reached from both cities by train or by bus and the trip takes about 6–7 hours.

By train

There are regular railway connections between Lublin and all major Polish cities. Current timetables can be found at: <>.

By bus

A number of bus services operate between Lublin and other Polish cities. For timetables and ticket purchase, please go to the website: <>.

If you have any enquiries about planning your journey to Lublin, please contact the bootcamp organisers by sending an email to: <>.


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