HR Excellence in Research

OTM-R Policy

An essential element of the implementation of the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct during the process of recruitment of research employees is monitoring effects and progress in the implementation of correction and self-improvement actions, as determined in the HRS4R Strategy submitted to the European C by UMCS. For this purpose, a Team was established, the meetings of which were held on quarterly basis.


  1. Prof. Hab. PhD Wiesław Gruszecki - Chairman of the Monitoring Team, Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs and International Cooperation
  2. Prof. Hab. PhD Katarzyna Dudka - Faculty of Law and Administration, Academic Ombudsman
  3. Prof. Hab. PhD Marek Pietraś, Faculty of Political Science
  4. Prof. Hab. PhD Anna Jarosz-Wilkołazka, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology
  5. Prof. Hab. PhD Irena Pidek - Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management
  6. Hab. PhD Piotr Łuczkiewicz - Faculty of Humanities
  7. MSc Agnieszka Krukowska - HR-Payroll Center
  8. Msc Alicja Borzęcka-Szajner - Education and Student Services Center
  9. MSc Elwira Rycaj - Research Center
  10. MSc Diana Szczepańska - International Cooperation Center
  11. MSc Grzegorz Narolski - Legal and Organization Department
  12. MSc Ewa Majewska - Doctoral Student Council
  13. Msc Anita Sobczyk-Adamska - International Cooperation Center

The progress of the actions and the calendar of the implementation was monitored on regular basis by the above Committee. After each meeting where the progress of works was analyzed, the Team Coordinator for the implementation and the President submitted to the Rector reports on the execution of the action plan and they also prepared recommendations referring to substantive correction of the assumed solutions and/or the work timetable.