Workshop "Touch of art" PHOTOREPORTAGE

As part of the project "Touch of art", sculpting workshops for children were carried out at our Faculty, while a group of adults had the opportunity to make collagages. Under the watchful eye of our employees and students, self-portraits were created in bas-relief, as well as graphic prints presenting the subject of interpersonal relations.

Blind and visually impaired people have limited access to art on a daily basis. Some museums are beginning to adapt their exhibitions to this group of recipients, and these activities will certainly develop in the future. The Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Arts of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, as part of its scientific research and artistic activities, implements the project "Touch of art", addressed to people with visual impairments.


The Institute of Fine Arts is planning further activities in the field of art, aimed at blind and visually impaired people, the effects of which will be presented in future exhibitions, workshops and publications summarizing the stages of the project.

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    Renata Gogol
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    5 December 2019

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