Success of our student in Project Burza

Oliwia Zajączkowska was one of only seven people qualified for the Project Burza "Flash" exhibition. Vernissage will take place in just a month

List of people qualified for the exhibition:

• Klara Woźniak - UAP, Poznań
• Natalia Sarad - Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków
• Aleksandra Sikora - Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków
• Monika Misztal - ASP, Warsaw
• Oliwia Zajączkowska - UMCS, Lublin
• Paweł Jarczak - AS, Szczecin
• Justyna Aksinowicz - Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk

The organizer of the Storm Project, as part of which the exhibition entitled "Flash" is the Center for Artistic Activities in Piotrków Trybunalski.
The curator of the exhibition is dr hab. Julia Kurek prof. Associate. AS

The Burza project is dedicated to students of art colleges and aims to present the most interesting artistic attitudes of the young generation. The first edition of the Storm Project will be an exhibition entitled "Flash".

14.02.2020 - opening of the "Flash" exhibition
14.02. - 15/03/2020 - duration of the exhibition


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