Invitation to the exhibition "niCoś" by group TWORZYWO 96

Another exhibition at the Gallery of the Society of Friends of Fine Arts in Lublin "Przy Bramie" at ul. Grodzka 34/36, 20-112 Lublin will be held from 14th of May to 2nd of June 2021. It will be an exhibition of the TWORZYWO 96 group.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 14th of May (Friday) at 17:00.

"Przy Bramie" Gallery, ul. Grodzka 34/36, Lublin

    TWORZYWO 96 is a group of artists, graduates of one year of the Lublin Institute of Artistic Education at MCSU (today's Faculty of Arts). The members of the group are miles away (they live in different parts of the world), but they share a passion for creation, which is why they have been organizing collective exhibitions since 2011. Almost every exhibition is accompanied by a leading theme, and the creators are united by the format or color.

Ten artists will present their works at the "niCoś" exhibition: Beata Ciastek Kraśnik, Anna Hankowska Warsaw, Kaz Hauasa Lublin, Edyta Kuklewska Lublin, Anna Mirosław Lublin, Ora France, Alicja Szkil Białystok, Jacek Śniegucki Lublin, Piotr Tymochowicz Siedliszcze, Kinga Więsyk Wałbrzych.

We cordially invite you!

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    13 May 2021