Invitation to exhibition “W piżamach tworzone”

The exhibition of student graphics “W piżamach tworzone” (created in pajamas) are works made during classes in the subject of Digital Print.

Just as the name of the subject is basically unambiguous in terms of the technique of making the graphics, the name of the exhibition is intriguing. Allowing for a delicate interpretation, it seems to me that the title “W piżamach tworzone” subtly refers to the remote mode of activities conducted in the pandemic, and in my opinion is very accurate. What is very pleasing is the fact that the method of acquiring knowledge in pajamas did not thwart our didactic plans, which you will see at the said exhibition. The essence of education at our Faculty is to develop the creative ability to select graphic means belonging to the digital medium and to use them in a way that enables the formulation of an artistic problem. Students acquire skills and deepen their knowledge of the use of digital printing technology in artistic creation. The issues posed to them oblige them to face the problem of form, to find a way to adapt it on the compositional plane, and to use it skilfully in the created image. What is also important in their works, students must convey the so-called visual message in a purely visual way. Creative idea. And it is in our opinion that, as the lecturers, they succeeded very well (despite or contrary to the above-mentioned pajama mode of classes). The works of eight young adepts of art are very interesting in terms of their artistic quality. Searching for their own way of expression, experimenting, sometimes relying on accidents, which became the driving force of the creative process, they created very mature graphics. During their work they were extremely open and, what is worth noting, very reflective, cognitive and critical at the same time. They skillfully contested the existing reality, turning it into a creative idea, which is undoubtedly the essence of every creation. Digital printing is a technique that is extremely open to experiment and all technological innovations. Possessing an extremely rich range of tools, it assimilates the surrounding reality very quickly - both in terms of idea and form. And this is what their works are like - full of enthusiasm and commitment, thoroughly mature, and at the same time very sincere.

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    Renata Gogol
    Date of addition
    17 September 2021

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