We would like to invite you to the exhibition of students of Institute of Fine Arts in KONT Gallery. Vernissage will take place on 16th of October 2020 at 18:00.

Young artists, detached from everyday life, try their best at the expressive technique of fluid art, breaking the conventional approach to art. They strive to depict its fluid form through the intuitive coordination of a structure that cannot be completely tamed. The choice of monochromatic colors is a tribute to the graphics which is the closest technique to those artists  and the idea behind it is a kind of prism.

P.S. It was the beginning of a great friendship.


Curator: Hanna Popruha

Authors: Izabela Salagierska, Magdalena Majstrak, Hanna Popruha, Justyna Słoniec, Julia Maj, Elżbieta Kucio

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    14 October 2020