Invitation to exhibition "NARRATIONS"

The NARRATIONS exhibition will present the works of 6 employees from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, who use such medium as: painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, video.

Each artist operates in his own autonomous world of art. The perception of stimuli that affect the resulting works is very diverse. Everyone sees, feels and interprets differently. The reflection that inspires creation can be deep, metaphorical, sentimental or real. Sometimes it is delving into the recesses of one's own identity, threads of time and travel. Sometimes it is creating a certain (un)real space, building seemingly insignificant images, woven with the need to externalize what is inside.

Curators: Anna Beata Barańska, Károly Sándor Áron

Artists: Anna Beata Barańska, Małgorzata Gorzelewska-Namiota, Irena Nawrot-Trzcińska, Anna Perłowksa-Weiser, Fryderyk Rudziński, Kamil Stańczak

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    Renata Gogol
    Date of addition
    17 September 2021

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