Invitation to exhibition "krój font litera"

Students of two groups of second year of Master’s Programme in Graphics at the Faculty of Arts at MCSU are pleased to invite you to the opening of an exhibition, which will present a selection of the best works created in the academic year 2020/2021 as part of the lettering and typography classes under the supervision of dr hab. Krzysztof Rumowski. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 1st of October 2021 at 17:00 at the Gallery of the Faculty of Arts at Zana 11 Street.

The exhibition will present over thirty lettering compositions in the 100 x 70 cm format, constituting a selection of works created during the lettering and typography classes in the first year of studies. The exhibition will consist of two groups of works. The first group consists of works resulting from studies on building a black and white, handwritten, expressive lettering composition, implemented in the first semester. The second group consists of lettering "posters" created in the next semester, created on the basis of selected, commercially available typefaces, additionally enriched with an element of colour. They are original attempts to analyze the functional features and aesthetic character of the selected typeface, the potential of its use in design and its individual and unique features.

Participants: Patrizia Kot, Aleksandra Kotowicz, Dominika Kozłowicz, Zuzanna Kurdziałek, Monika Miazek, Marlena Mojżesz, Weronika Mroczek, Stefania Nowicka, Julia Rożek, Marta Sałek, Izabela Sawicka, Anna Siemińska, Klaudia Sikora, Klaudia Skrobek, Natalia Smorongiewicz, Karolina Sowa, Julia Stępień, Natalia Szostakiewicz, Sandra Urbanek, Maryia Vasiliuk and Angelina Vavrinyuk.

The exhibition will be available for visitors until 7th of October 2021.

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