Another year at the Gallery of the Faculty of Arts at 11 Zana Street, opens with the INTERVENTIONS exhibition, during which the works of Hungarian artists from the Faculty of Arts and Theater (RIPPL) of the University of Kaposvár Rippl-Rónai will be presented.

Selected artists and their works are an excellent example of the works created there. Wide range of media used and creativity of creative attitudes are used both to educate and develop thinking about art. Classic trends such as graphics and sculpture have been redefined and combined with new techniques, creating a more contemporary way of perceiving art.

exhibition participants:
Tibor GYENIS / Péter JÓNÁS / Sándor Áron KÁROLY / Balázs MÁTÉ / Ágnes Éva MOLNÁR / Mária PECSICS / Anna SZIGETHY

the exhibition is open until February 4
curator of the exhibition: Sándor Áron KÁROLY, Anna Beata BARAŃSKA

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    9 January 2020