Invitation to exhibition by prof. szt. plast. Artur Popek "Skryci paliwożercy" (Secretive Fuel-eaters)

On Friday, 29th of October at 18:00 a vernissage of exhibition "Skryci Paliwożercy" (Secretive Fuel-eaters) by Artur Popek will take place in Gardzienice Gallery, ul. Grodzka 5a, Lublin

Most of the works in this exhibition complete each other and continue the threads started in the previous paintings. In this work, I referred to two extremely important artists - to Goya, for whom the elephant was a symbol of the strength of the people, building their rebellion with a certain tardiness, but ultimately monstrously dangerous and effective against the wicked and scoundrels. The quote from Picasso is a lamp - the eye of Guernica, for me as a symbol of the shallowness of human life addicted to tyrants, and on the other hand, helplessness in the face of destiny. Painting "To jest już koniec, mój piękny przyjacielu" (This is the end, my beautiful friend) - acrylic, collage on canvas, 200 x 200 cm, 2020.

prof. szt. plast. Artur Popek

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