Exhibition "Symptom" by Dorota Pęksa | Photo reportage

On 17th of May 2021, at the KONT Gallery at ul. Zana 11 in Lublin, the exhibition "Symptom" by Dorota Pęksa was made available for visitors.

The official opening of the exhibition took place on the square in front of the dormitory entrance. Visiting the exhibition requires wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

The exhibition presents large-format photographs that are an attempt to search for a standard image in a form that goes beyond the classic self-portrait and its formal dimension. The external appearance becomes irrelevant in this case! Its content consists of mysterious symbolic signs and signs written on the body, but also forms that are not entirely legible: eg "scribbles" written on the author's skin. They are an expression of the inner tension between the author's "I" and the external corporeality. They create some new dimension of visuality. In this confusing maze of letters and lines, each viewer can see his own personal story hidden inside the body shell.

Dorota Pęksa was born in Nowy Targ. The fascination with painting began in childhood. Initially, the classes at the Poviat Cultural Center in Nowy Targ were of great importance for her development, where, above all, she could find artistic ways to express herself. Then she studied at the High School of Art, named after Antoni Kenar in Zakopane. In 2016, she graduated with a specialization in woodcarving. Currently, she is a 4th year student of painting at the Faculty of Arts of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Education at the university, apart from expanding her knowledge about art and developing her skills, allows her to search for her own visual language.


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