Exhibition "Skansen-inspiracje 2019" PHOTO REPORTAGE

On 7th of October, at the Lublin Village Museum, an opening of the post-open air painting classes exhibition of the students of the Faculty of Arts at UMCS took place.

The open-air painting classes by students from the UMCS Institute of Fine Arts are the result of many years of cooperation with the Lublin Village Museum. The location of the open-air museum, its charm and picturesqueness provides students with many themes and inspiration. Market square, church, orthodox church, windmill, rural thatched buildings, brick architecture, animals are just some of the motifs of the paintings. Students could use the scale of solids in practice, a painting perspective, observe the relativism of colors occurring in nature, face the choice of a motif. Observation of the landscape is the starting point for individual searches and often surprising artistic creations enriching personality, sensitivity and imagination. Open-air workshops are a very important supplement to artistic education. Special thanks are due to Mrs. Bogna Bender-Motyka and Mr. Szczepan Zakrzewski for providing the space for the post-open air exhibition of the students of the Institute of Fine Arts at UMCS "Skansen-inspiracje 2019".

Dr hab. Mariusz Drzewiński, prof.  UMCS

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