Exhibition of paintings by Krzysztof Bartnik "KrajOBRAZY" PHOTO REPORTAGE

On 28th of February at Galeria na Zana 11, the opening of the "KrajOBRAZY" exhibition of professor Krzysztof Bartnik took place.

The exhibition in the new gallery of the Faculty of Arts was an opportunity to present paintings from recent years. As the artist says, it was a rare opportunity for him to familiarize Lublin art lovers, friends and students with the subject and the result of his painting research. Krzysztof Bartnik celebrated with this exhibition a 30-year stay in Lublin, which became the environment of his life, work and creation. The painter observed that the specificity of this environment certainly has shaped him and influenced his art.
The vernissage was exceptional not only due to marvelousness of presented works, but also the cordial atmosphere of this event.
Prof. Elwira Śliwkiewicz-Cisak has honored the evening with her accordion concert.

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