Exhibition "Mroźne widzenie" | Photo reportage

Despite the diversity of attitudes, the exhibition had a common feature of sharply framing reality and striving for abstraction. It was an art drained of emotionality, muted, based on observation and rhythm, tending towards geometry, distanced from the contemporary world. Another variation of the "A Cold Eye" was the exhibition "Complexes and Frustrations" organised in the Lublin Labyrinth Gallery, where this distance was significantly shortened. Other male and female artists also appeared in this presentation. In 2021, we are going back to our roots, trying to examine how the "A Cold Eye" became the "Frosty seeing" and what it means. How do contemporary painters look at the world and is it still painting? How have their pictorial strategies evolved? Does the frosty vision of the title mean that they pay more attention to reality and enter into dialogue with socio-political themes, or are they inclined to abstract? After years of artistic visions being constituted and radicalised, "Frosty seeing" shows a contemporary creative perspective. A warming of the climate usually results in a subsequent rapid cooling down to an ice age. In social life, the same is true: heated discourses and the heating up of a situation subsequently cause the situation to freeze. The frosty gaze, through a sheet of ice, full of inner heat, traces the agitation in the contemporary world. The artists use not only the medium of painting but also more direct means of expression.

Artists: Tomasz Bielak, Maciej Duchowski, Arkadiusz Karapuda, Piotr Korol, Igor Przybylski, Sławomir Toman

Curator: Marta Ryczkowska

Venue: Galeria Zana 11

Vernissage took place on 8th of October 2021 at 17:00.

The exhibition is open from 8 to 20 October, Tuesday to Saturday, 15:00 - 18:00

The project 10x10 was realized by "Otwarta Pracownia" Artistic Association in Lublin in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and the Centre for Culture in Lublin.

Subsidised by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Fund for Cultural Promotion.

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    11 October 2021

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