Exhibition Lublin School PHOTO REPORTAGE

The exhibition of nearly thirty artists from Lublin creating in the broadly understood medium of painting and intermedia in the welcoming spaces of the GAFU, JAMA and DUL MICHAL galleries is an attempt to answer the question whether the title concept of the Lublin school makes sense, whether there are any common features for selected representatives of the Lublin community beside the same place of creation? Certainly, there is respect for the importance of the author's workshop, which manifests itself in the diverse creative attitudes of each of them, but also a deep reflection on various aspects of contemporary reality, nature and exploring the possibilities of the medium itself.

Painting and Intermedia are undoubtedly one of the dominant art disciplines on the current art scene in the world, also in Poland and no different in Lublin. The Lublin environment is largely concentrated around the Institute of Fine Arts of the Maria Curie Sklodowska University, which brings another important context for this exhibition. Its participants are mostly lecturers, graduates and students of this university, which has been conducting artistic education for almost fifty years.

In GAFU and JAMA galleries you can see paintings of many kinds, from painting directly depicting various manifestations of nature and culture as a tool to learn about it, through experiments with image matter, transcending conventional ways of using paint and using digital means of expression, to transgressive attitudes extending the field of painting. In the exhibition spaces of the former DUL MICHAL mine, spatial projects have arisen, from forms similar to classical sculpture to artistic installations using ready-made and the latest technologies. There were many multi-element works interacting and defining the environment and the recipient himself. The show of documentation, film and the accompanying performative activities allowed for a more complete and neutral presentation of both disciplines from the perspective of several years of achievements of many generations of Lublin artists.


Krzysztof Bartnik

Jakub Ciężki

Mariusz Drzewiński

Jan Gryka

Stanisław Kamiński

Cezary Klimaszewski

Piotr Korol

Donat Kowalski

Mikołaj Kowalski

Jarosław Koziara

Maciej Kusy 

Robert Kuśmirowski

Sławomir Marzec

Irena Nawrot

Jerzy Norkowski

Małgorzata Pawlak

Robert Rabiej

Małgorzata Rybicka

Adam Skóra

Radosław Skóra

Zbyszek Stanuch

Kamil Stańczak

Sławomir Toman

Anna Waszczuk

Grzegorz Więcek

Jacek Wojciechowski

Tomasz Zawadzki

Marcin Ziółkowski


Robert Kuśmirowski

Sławomir Toman


Authors of photo reportage:

Jacob Bigfella

Jerzy Norkowski

Sławomir Toman

Jiří Žižka


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    Renata Gogol
    Date of addition
    4 March 2020