Concert "Zaduszki jazzowe. Mariusz Bogdanowicz i przyjaciele" | Photo reportage

The artists performed Mariusz Bogdanowicz's compositions and jazz standards. For the second time in history, Zaduszki Jazzowe (All Souls' Day Jazz) were held in the Lublin Philharmonic concert hall.

The tradition of November concerts is cultivated by jazz musicians all over Poland. The list of performers during this concert consists prof. Mariusz Bogdanowicz and his friends. All musicians are extremely creative, active artists, appreciated in the jazz community in Poland and abroad. Each of them has a rich artistic output that is constantly being expanded. The spectrum of experiences and musical journeys of each artist results in a wide range of styles and expressiveness of their work. The diverse design of the program and excellent artists provided the audience with many unforgettable emotions.

Performing Artists: Marcelina Gawron, Patrycja Michalska, Anna Michałowska-Kotynia, Mateusz Obroślak, Piotr Schmidt, Karol Kozak, Michał Lewartowicz, Adam Jarzmik, Michał Iwanek, Sebastian Frankiewicz, Mariusz Bogdanowicz


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    3 November 2021

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