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We encourage to read the latest article in the field of Central European Palaeolithic Studies, co-authored by the members of our Institute: Prof. dr hab. Maria Łanczont and Dr hab. Przemysław Mroczek (Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography UMCS). This publication has just been published online at Quaternary International:

A. Maier, P. Stojakowits, C. Mayr, S. Pfeifer, F. Preusser, B. Zolitschka, M. Anghelinu, D. Bobak, F. Duprat-Oualid, T. Einwögerer, U. Hambach, M. Händel, L. Kaminská, L. Kämpf, M. Łanczont, F. Lehmkuhl, P. Ludwig, E. Magyari, P. Mroczek, A. Nemergut, Z. Nerudová, L. Niţă, M. Polanská, M. Połtowicz-Bobak, D. Rius, W. Römer, U. Simon, P. Škrdla, G. Újvári, D. Veres, 2020. Cultural evolution and environmental change in Central Europe between 40 and 15 ka, Quaternary International, ISSN 1040-6182,

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