Remote sensing in growing season research - a bibliometric analysis

We are pleased to inform you about the publication of Dr. Marcin Siłuch, Dr. Piotr Bartmiński and Prof. Dr hab. Wojciech Zgłobicki (Department of Geology, Soil Science and Geoinformation, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University) published in the latest issue of the journal Remote Sensing:

Siłuch, M., Bartmiński, P., Zgłobicki, W., 2022. Remote Sensing in Studies of the Growing Season: A Bibliometric Analysis. Remote Sens. 14, 1331.

Analyses of climate change based on point observations indicate an extension of the plant growing season, which may have an impact on plant production and functioning of natural ecosystems. Analyses involving remote sensing methods, which have added more detail to results obtained in the traditional way, have been carried out only since the 1980s. The paper presents the results of a bibliometric analysis of papers related to the growing season published from 2000–2021 included in the Web of Science database. Through filtering, 285 publications were selected and subjected to statistical processing and analysis of their content. This resulted in the identification of author teams that mostly focused their research on vegetation growth and in the selection of the most common keywords describing the beginning, end, and duration of the growing season. It was found that most studies on the growing season were reported from Asia, Europe, and North America (i.e., 32%, 28%, and 28%, respectively). The analyzed articles show the advantage of satellite data over low-altitude and ground-based data in providing information on plant vegetation. Over three quarters of the analyzed publications focused on natural plant communities. In the case of crops, wheat and rice were the most frequently studied plants (i.e., they were analyzed in over 30% and over 20% of publications, respectively).

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