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It is with great pleasure to inform about another publication on polar research in the Antarctic region, written by  Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Nawrocki (Department of Geology, Soil Science and Geoinformation UMCS). The article on U-Pb isotope dating and the origin of eratics from glacigenic Oligocene deposits on King George Island has just been published in the latest volume of the Geological Society of London:

Jerzy Nawrocki, Magdalena Pańczyk, Krystian Wójcik, Andrzej Tatur, 2020: U–Pb isotope data. U–Pb isotopic ages and provenance of some far travelled exotic pebbles from glaciogenic sediments of the Polonez Cove Formation (Oligocene, King George Island). Geological Society of London. Dataset.

This publication is one of the results of joint scientific activities carried out within the framework of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant and managed by Professor J. Nawrocki with a team of geologists from the Polish Geological Institute - Polish Research Institute and the University of Warsaw. 


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