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you have just entered an Internet platform ortolub.umcs.pl. I developed it to facilitate access to the rich collection of archival aerial photographs of Lublin from WW2 held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), College Park, Maryland District, USA.

The NARA GX Series contains over 20 million aerial photographs taken by the German air force (Luftwaffe) during the war. This Record Group contains the only globally available (declassified) aerial photographs of south-eastern Poland, especially of the city of Lublin, from the investigated period (catalog.archives.gov/id/44241929 ).
Several dozens of these photographs are published on the Internet, e.g. at www.fotopolska.eu , however, downloading original images is not enabled at that site. Moreover, the images are stamped with watermarks and portal logos, which makes their practical use difficult. Aerial photos of Lublin from the WW2 period remain little known and, in principle, are not used in scientific research - only a small circle of specialists is aware of their existence. I want to change that.

Archival aerial photographs play a fundamental role in historical-geographical research. These are crucial sources for analysing urban development, industrialisation and suburbanisation. Acquisition of high-quality digital copies is an important supplement to the existing documentation of the city's history. Processing the images into the ortophotomap and sharing them on a WWW platform (also as TMS services) opens up unique research opportunities.

Explore aerial photographs of WW2 Lublin at web-map , via GIS services and collection of downloadable images . A historical orthophotomap of Lublin is also available on the ArcGIS Online platform .

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