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Tourist in Lublin

Dear Participants,

Soon we will have an honor and a pleasure to host you in Lublin. Although last year Lublin celebrated the 700th anniversary of receiving the location privilege its beginnings are much earlier. Traditionally its first settlement are dated back to the 6th century. However, if you would like to go back to prehistory, the oldest tombs discovered by archaeologists in Lublin come from the funnel-shaped culture from about six thousand years ago. Traces of centuries-old history, traditions and cultures can be found at every step of the way: in commemorative plaques, along attractive tourist routes, in restored tenement houses and in the shadow of old trees.

Lublin is also a city of beautiful hills: Czwartkowe, Zamkowe, Staromiejskie Góra Dominikańska, Grodzisk, Białkowska Góra and Żmigród, from which you can admire the panorama of the city, each time seeing it from a completely different perspective. Lublin, however, is not only a city with a rich history in which the Polish-Lithuanian Union was signed on Junly 1st, 1569 or a beautiful and diverse urban landscape. It is above all a hospitable and open city, multicultural from the very beginning of its existence.

And although the fate of the city was changing, Lublin’s love for cultural and social gatherings remains unchanged. Only here, when taking part in the Jagiellonian Fair, you can feel the atmosphere of a traditional commercial city or holding your breath, take a moment to watch the acrobatic performance of contemporary street artists during the Carnival of the Magicians. You can enjoy dishes from around the world as part of the European Festival of Tastes.  The Lublin chefs will take you on a culinary journey in time, like this year Festival to the inter-war times. It is also a city of amazing stories. Where else devil himself issued a judgment in the Court or a stone of misfortune caused many damages? You can find out how the guy called Boczarski went bankrupt by building a flour mill in the city and about many other stories when taking part in the Lublin Legends Festival on September 21-23, 2018.

Most important historical monuments

Inviting you to Lublin we would like to create the best conditions for you to get to know our city. We recommend a walking tour around the Old Town, which in 2007 was placed on the list of Monuments of History. During the tour, the Lublin guide will tell you about the most important monuments of Lublin. You will go through two Lublin gates: Krakowska Gate and Grodzka Gate, see beautiful restored houses, among others Klonowic Family House and Konopnic Family House (with beautiful renaissance sculptures), you will look into the Basilica of the Dominican Fathers, where there are two church pulpits, but the relics of the Holy Cross were stolen from it. You will see the Crown Tribunal, in which, according to one of the city legends, the devil had the last word, and which litigation, according to the biographers of Polish renaissance poet Jan Kochanowski, contributed greatly to his death in 1584. You will see the panorama of the city from the Rectory Church Square and a miniature replica of the church funded by prince Leszek the Black, as a votum for defeating the Yotvingians. Passing the Grodzka Gate you will come to the Lublin Castle, where the Lublin Museum is worth visiting. In the castle courtyard, you will find the highest-class monument  of Lublin - the Chapel of the Holy Trinity with its marvelous fifteenth-century frescoes in the Eastern Orthodox style.

For guests who are looking for beautiful views, we propose climbing over two hundred stairs to see the panorama of the city from the Trinitarian Tower. You can also experience acoustic sensations and optical illusions in the architecture of  Lublin Archcathedral.

All those interested in participating in the walking tour organized on Thursday, September 20th, 2018 (meeting at 15.45, at the Faculty of Political Science, Litewski Sq. 3) please email by September 14, 2018 (number of places is limited).

If you prefer to walk on your own, we recommend using the mobile application, which the City has made available for the visitors in Lublin The application will provide you with a lot of information about Lublin and may be used as a city guide. Sightseeing with the application is organized thematically into designated five tourist routes: the Jagiellonian Route of the Union of Lublin, the Route of Remembrance of Lublin Jews, the Multicultural Route, the Route of Architecture Monuments and the Route of Famous Lubliners.

Gourmets will have the opportunity to try our regional delicacy cebularz (wheat pancake with onion and poppy seeds) and find out that it is the best meal and snack. Traditional in Lublin cebularz has been placed on the EU Geographical Indication and Regional Specialties in 2014. You can also visit the Cebularz Museum

Exclusive show

The multimedia fountain show “Dream about the city. Lublin Angels” will be presented to the participants of the 4th National Polish Political Science in the evening of September 19th at the newly restored Litewski Square where multimedia shows are held on the occasions of exceptional events in Lublin. Thanks to the new arrangement of space at the square the Lubomirski Family  Palace, the seat of the Political Science Faculty, has gained a new light setting. This year, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Faculty, we are also slowly saying goodbye to the historical building, which in the near future will serve residents and visitors as a branch of the Lublin Museum.

Not only City Center

Although the heart of Lublin undoubtedly beats in the Old Town, it is also worth visiting other attractions. For nature lovers we recommend a walk around the UMCS Botanical Garden (entrance for visitors at Willowa Street). To reach The Botanical Garden you need to take 25 minutes bus ride from the center of Lublin. The walk in quiet alleys of the Garden will be your reward. All information about the Botanical Garden can be found on UMCS website,3655,1.lhtm

Not far from the Botanical Garden there is an Open Air Village Museum in Lublin. The open-air museum is the place for a quiet walk and moment of idyllic rest in which you can move in time not only to  villages but also to the provincial town of Lublin region. On the Sunday before the Congress, there will be a staging of the horse market at the museum

Modernist housing estates of Lublin might be not obvious but very interesting goal for your visit. Juliusz Słowacki Housing Estate in Lublin was designed by Zofia and Oskar Hansen in 1960-1963. Architecture enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see the real-life implementation of the Hansen idea of Linear Continuous System and Open Form. Take a walk along the green alleys and taste the already iconic waffles at the nearby market. It is also worth visiting the neighboring Adam Mickiewicz Housing Estate designed and built in late 1950ties.  In September its parks will offer chestnuts and plenty of charming places to rest.

By bike you can get to the Zemborzycki Water Reservoir and cycle around it. On the off season day recreational activities and food outlets are available depending on the weather.

Near the center there is Polish writer’s Wincenty Pol Biographical Museum captivating with its unusual location and intimate atmosphere. The museum can be visited from 10.00 to 16.00

Not only sightseeing

Lublin can be explored in many ways - from sightseeing, through city walks and recreational rides on bicycle paths to participation in artistic events. Here are some cultural events we have selected  for you.

On September 20 and 21, at 19.00 Juliusz Osterwa Theater invites you to “Stall with songs - singing pictures”  It is a song and music spectacle based on Leon Schiller's songbook, directed by Jerzy Jan Połoński.,0,s201,d630,kram_z_piosenkami.html

On September 18, The Stary Theater invites you to the play “Whale. The Globe” directed by Mateusz Pakuła, starring Krzysztof Globisz. Choosing historical Stary Theater, you will combine art and sightseeing

On the 17th of September, at 20.00 The Center for the Meeting of Cultures invites you to the “Wesele. Poprawiny” (Wedding, The Follow up Party). The new interpretation of Stanisław Wyspiański's drama. Free entrance, get free tickets from the Center for the Meeting of Cultures  ticket booth

At the Museum of Józef Czechowicz you can see a permanent exhibition dedicated to the poet as well as the exhibition of photographs. The exhibition is open until the 30th of  September. It provides a double view of the city: black and white filmed by the poet Józef Czechowicz and colored by Anna Asyngier-Kozieł.

In the Gardzienice Gallery on September 20 at 18.00, the exhibition of paintings “Man of the crowd. City”  by Agnieszka Wójtowicz will open

In Galeria Biała at the Lublin Culture Center visitors will be able to see the exhibition of works by Agata Zbylut “Pańcia “ 

Have a nice stay in Lublin. We cordially invite you to all scientific and cultural events in our city. They say that in Lublin time flies slowly and you can always be on time without being in a hurry. In these times of dynamic changes don’t we all miss a moment of respite?

For tourist folders and tourist maps click HERE

Cultural events in September 2018:

  • September 4-9, 2018 - European Festival of Taste
  • September 21-23, 2018 - Lublin Legends Festival

*The photos and the information were provided by the Lublin City Office.