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International Cooperation Center


1) Managing MCSU international framework agreements- the list of international cooperation agreements is available here: 

2) Coordinating the University's participation in international scientific and research networks and associations;

List of international associations and networks which the MCSU is a member of:

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A list of other international associations: 

3) Supporting researchers in gaining external funds for international projects in the field of basic research, e.g. European Commission framework programmes, NCN international programmes, etc. 
4) Administrative support in the field of international projects, grants and fellowships realization.
5) Coordinating international travels and guests visits administratively. 
6) Coordinating actions, projects and development ventures in the field of research internationalization.
7) Servicing Senate Committee for International Cooperation.
8) Concluding international contracts based on International Cooperation Center activities.
9) Informing about Center activities, current international research funding opportunities and MCSU initiatives in the field of international research cooperation. 

International Cooperation Center
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20-031 Lublin, Poland
tel. +48 81 537 54 98, +48 81 537 54 58, +48 81 537 53 86, +48 81 537 52 20

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