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Foreign travels formalities

The employee / doctoral student need to submit an application for a business trip abroad on the template below in the Foreign Travels Office, Rectorate room no. 1308, phone number: +48 81 537 52 20. The application should include following information: the aim of the trip, dates, source of financing and estimated cost of the trip, in accordance with the regulations contained in the UMCS internal acts:   

In accordance with the Announcement of the Rector of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (January 4th, 2019), an application for a foreign business trip applies to all business trips abroad.

If the employee does not apply for co-financing of a foreign business trip from UMCS disposal funds or under a grant implemented on the basis of a contract which UMCS is a party of, and the trip is longer than two weeks, there is a requirement to apply for paid leave according to art. 130 point 3 of the Law on Higher Education and Science (July 20th, 2018). Paid leave is granted by the Rector based on the employee's request, after gaining the opinion of the faculty council, and in the case of employees of non-basic units, after obtaining the opinion of the head of the appropriate organizational unit (in accordance with §113 of the UMCS Statute ). Then you do not apply for a foreign business trip. More information could be found in the HR and Payroll Center.

In all other cases (e.g. funding under the grant, faculty funds, etc.) you have to submit a completed application for a foreign business trip using the template below.

The outgoing student should attach to the application a photocopy of the invitation confirming the acceptance of the hosting university. Employees traveling abroad for conferences or symposia are obtained to attach to their application a document confirming their active participation (presentation, poster, participation in the organizational committee). The annexes to the application should also indicate whether the inviting institution covers (partly or completely) the costs of accommodation and travelling expenses.

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy (January 29th, 2013), the amount of diet is reduced by the cost of meals provided, e.g. as part of the conference fee, assuming that each meal is respectively: 1) breakfast - 15% of the diet; 2) dinner - 30% of the diet; 3) dinner - 30% of the diet. In addition, if an employee uses a hotel service under which meals are provided, the above provisions shall apply accordingly. Therefore, please reduce the diets in the applications submitted in accordance with the above provisions.


In the case of additional fees (conference fee, hotel deposit), an additional TRANSFER TEMPLATE must be completed.

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, 29.01.2013 due to business trip abroad, carried out at the time and place specified by the employer, the employee is entitled to:

1. diet

2. refund:
• accommodation costs,
• travelling costs,
• travelling by local transport costs,
• other necessary documented expenses, specified or recognized by the employer as appropriate.

The employee is entitled to:

1. A flat-rate allowance to cover travel costs to and from the railway station, bus station, airport or seaport in the amount of one diet in the destination abroad and in any other location abroad where the employee booked an accommodation.

2. Residence allowances in the amount set by the Minister for the destination country of foreign business trip. An employee / doctoral student who is provided with free all-day maintenance during a trip abroad is entitled to 25% of the allowance ('pocket money').

3. Reimbursement of accommodation expenses within the limit set out in the regulation for invoice settlement. If the bill/invoice is not submitted, the employee is entitled to a flat-rate amount of 25% of the limit.

The amount of foreign diets is an attachment to the above-mentioned Regulation (points 7-10).

After the decision of relevant Vice Rector, employees of the International Cooperation Center registers the application in the SAP System.

Employees receive currency and zloty advance payments at Bank Pekao SA - a branch in the UMCS Rectorate building, ground floor.

The trip must be settled within 14 days of the end of the trip in Financial Department (room 806) with the following documents:

- invoices / bills in the case of a conference fee,

- invoices / bills for the hotel.

The invoice must be issued to the University's address:                
VAT/NIP: PL 712 010 36 92




If you have any questions / concerns, please contact: Beata Pruchniak and Eliza Słoboda, Foreign Travels Office, Rector's Office, room No. 1308, phone number: 81 537 52 20.


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