International Research

Commercialization of UMCS Research

The University is open to cooperation with the external environment in conducting joint research and development projects and wants to provide experts and research to businesses and government institutions. The unique equipment and experience of the technical and research personnel allow the University to conduct commissioned studies in various fields. Each year UMCS concludes new contracts for research work commissioned by external entities and carries out several hundred orders.

The UMCS offer concerning cooperation with external entities comprises over 500 kinds of services such as basic research, implementation, expert opinions, laboratory analyses, measuring and research equipment, teaching, training, and postgraduate study programmes. The University’s offer for external entities concerning research and development is available at

To promote its offer UMCS participates in fairs and conferences, organizes meetings with representatives of entrepreneur organizations, and directly contacts the interested businesses. The university is a member of the Biotechnology Cluster, Lublin EcoEnergy Cluster and the Eastern Cluster ICT, Polish Cluster of Research and Development of the Internet of Things and others. A number of research and development cooperation contracts have recently been signed with the largest Polish companies and employer associations.

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